25 May 2013


today is my birthday.

happy birthday to me

once, i used to dream to officially be someone's on my 20th birthday.

and it went wrong.

its okay, life is too short to spend on thinking about things we cannot control. kannn.

happy 20 sue! you are awesome ^^

please be mine. 

and a Samsung Note II / Samsung Note 8.0

Photo: Mini escapism, with my two siblings. We had a wonderful day :D
just for this one time.

hadiah untuk diri. kali ini. fighting!

credit: tumblr & azreenchan 

1 comment:

  1. selamat datang ke 20an club..=p
    sanah helwah sue.smoga dipanjangkan umo n dimurahkan rezeki..smoga mnjadi pniaga yg hebat.=D


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