23 Apr 2013

am i the saddest girl in the world?

everyone has her own stories.

me too.

and my story could be different from yours.

maybe you are now tweeting "merajuk ahh" in twitter - and sharing love quotes "it's hard to trust someone the second time after they already gave you one reason not to trust them" in facebook - because your other half forget to call you last night.

and you claim yourself as the saddest girl in the whole world. therefore you reject your other half's calls, ignore his messages and up to the extend of deactivating your account.


there are girls out there, who has bruised hand for being the victim of her other half's unintentional anger.

there are girls out there, who is threatened, humiliated in front of the public.

yet can still forgive her other half's mistakes. because she knows - kindness couldn't be covered with a single mistake. and they learn to forgive and forget - for the better relationship.

i know, for some cases, this wouldn't work. takkan nak tunggu lagi kan?


message that i would like to share with you, girls - APPRECIATE.

you are far more lucky then other girls out there.

because you are lucky. really. i can see that you're happy. be thankful that Allah has sent you a good guider. a life protector.

learn to appreciate what we have. because i believe there's no such thing - mr.right - in this real world.

maybe, i should be thankful too. for what Allah has sent me. there are other girls out there are far more sad than we are. hopefully, i will be strong.

walaupun aku sangat malu dengan kawan-kawan T__T

hopefully we learnt. dan aku harap aku mampu ikhlas, wuuuuuuu

hmm, tapi dalam hati aku memang ada ja perasaan ni. tapi too late to regret. tu yang aku selalu cakap kat diri sendiri. so, make a wise choice! before it is too late.

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