23 Aug 2011

for me , small things matter


although i write it with the small font , but i am quite sure uollls still can read it .

right ? and why ?

because our sight is same . 
of course lah some people have to put on their spectacles first . otherwise they wouldn't able to read it .

generally , people can read it and analyse it as a small matter .
(opkos lah , written there as 'small matter')

but then , 
the things we see is not the same with what we feel .
"mata yang melihat xsama macam bahu yang menggalas beban"

what i am trying to say right now ekceli is ;

sometimes , small things matter for me .
and on that time ,
i reallly2 hope people around me can ekceli understand me .
please lah dont say : " alaahh , small matter lah"
grrrrr :|
sangat geram taw tak .

hey you small matter . could you go away from my life as immediate as u can ?
i am tired :'(

  morals of the story :

do have some emphaty in yourself :)

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